The Final Project

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Interview and photograph at least four people who dress in a way that self places them in a visual culture – ie: hippie, business executive, goth, hiker, rapper, cowboy, nudist, preppie, pirate, punker, slacker, biker, etc. Each person should be in a different self determined group, I don’t want you to talk to four pirates. Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation that explains why these people dress the way they do and the message they are projecting. What image are they trying to project, what message are they trying to say, do they also belong to other groups, how long have they dressed like this, how long will they, etc. It should be their opinion, not yours. We are not judging anyone, just sharing why they choose their image.

We are not looking for people who dress in a particular way because they are required to for work, like a police officer, restaurant worker or sports team member. We aren’t looking for costumes, like Halloween or re-enactors, we want how real people dress and present themselves most of the time.

You will make a five minute presentation during the last class. You should have at least five different photos of each person. Think about getting close up detail photos that really show their attire. The photos should be horizontal to fit the computer screen. The narration can be done by you, the people you interview or a third party. It can be a combination of you talking and interview snippets. If you are doing the entire narration, it doesn’t need to be recorded, you can do it live in class as you show the photos.

Copy your powerpoint and images to a flash drive, which I will copy to my computer to play. Make sure it plays from a computer other than the one it was created on. You won’t have a second opportunity to show your presentation, if it doesn’t play you will get a zero for the project, which accounts for 50% of your entire grade. If you use a Mac, you can use Keynote to create the presentation.


Images from 2016

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For 45 minutes write about how these photos had an impact on culture in America. Use the entire time to research and write. The length should be determined by how many words are needed to get your point across. This is a graded project, email your paper to me and be prepared to discuss it later in class.

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 9, 2016.

Lakota riders Alex Romero-Frederick (left) and Greg Grey Cloud (right) confront a line of North Dakota State Police the day that construction crews began work on the Dakota Access Pipeline just outside of the Standing Rock Reservation, on Aug. 15, 2016. While the riders did push the police line back after a tense standoff, the display was part of a ceremonial horse introduction meant to be peaceful. For the Standing Rock Lakota, the pipeline represents a major environmental and cultural threat, as well as a violation of treaty land.

Hearing your recording live in iPhone

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If you are using an iPhone as your digital recorder, you can hear what you are recording live through your headphones if use record with GarageBand.

Classmate Jose Rodriguez dug up these instructions for us. Gold star for Jose!

1. When starting up Garage Band, choose “New Song”.

2. Swipe to the “Audio Recorder” instrument.

3. Tap a headphone jack icon on the top left, underneath and arrow pointing down.

4. Turn “Monitor” on.

You can now listen using your headphones! I suggest turning the “Input Level” up.