Harris poll

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Top brands for 2016 http://www.theharrispoll.com/business/2016-Brands-of-the-Year.html

Download Audacity

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Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 8.36.23 AMGo to http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ to download the free audio editing program.

Hearing your recording live in iPhone

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If you are using an iPhone as your digital recorder, you can hear what you are recording live through your headphones if use record with GarageBand.

Classmate Jose Rodriguez dug up these instructions for us. Gold star for Jose!

1. When starting up Garage Band, choose “New Song”.

2. Swipe to the “Audio Recorder” instrument.

3. Tap a headphone jack icon on the top left, underneath and arrow pointing down.

4. Turn “Monitor” on.

You can now listen using your headphones! I suggest turning the “Input Level” up.

Multimedia story: Old scale in Los Angeles

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Really nice use of nat sounds in this story by L.A. Times photographer Mel Melcon about an old scale in front of a store.

How you shop can be rather predictable

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There is a lot more to marketing than most of us realize. Check out this NYT story

Census: Journalism Majors Make about $50,000

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Journalism majors do slightly better than English majors in the job market, according to 2010 U.S. Census data. The median annual salary for both is $50,000, the same as it is for advertising and PR majors, history majors and communications majors. But the lowest and highest-paid English majors earn less than their journalist counterparts. Journalists have a slightly higher unemployment rate (7 percent) than any of those other majors. The most popular majors are business, business management, accounting, nursing and psychology. Journalism is the 25th most popular major out of 173.

Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show that journalists make up a slightly larger portion of the U.S. workforce than in 2000.

Read the Poynter article